As a teenager, we know what you are going through and we are with you every step of the way.



is a platform designed to tap unbridled potential every teen is filled up with. 

Join me today and together we'll scale all your goals.

Going Beyond

I love the scientific way the states of consciousness can be explained and trained. I had no idea.



an individual in the transitional phase between childhood and adulthood, navigating the complexities of identity formation, exploring newfound independence, and facing the challenges of adolescence.


a loving caregiver who guides, supports, and nurtures their child through the journey of life.

Teacher or Coach

an expert in their field, passionate about inspiring students, and equipped with innovative teaching methods to unleash your true potential. 

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Hi, I'm Shrenya, a teenager myself.

I care for you and I'll answer the questions knocking at your brain through science based MICRO LESSONS

Join me today and together we'll scale all your goals.

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Join ZenWithRen as a Parent

If you are a parent and wondering, "What did I do wrong"? You are exhausted and unable to understand your teen's confusing behavior.

You have tried scolding and cajoling, now try ZenWithRen.


Join ZenWithRen as a Teen

Ever wondered why it's easier for you to learn a new musical instrument like guitar as compared to your parents?

Learn what's going on with your  brain. Use this info as a weapon for progress.



Join ZenWithRen as a Teacher

You handle many teens a day and we know what you go through. Sometimes you wonder what can I do to help this teen out? Point your teen in right direction.

Join ZenWithRen today. Together we can make difference.


Want to make this happen? 

ZEN WITH REN is your blueprint to achieve that at high speed.

  • How to set higher, worthy goals in life and pursue the steps to achieve them

  • How to overcome doubts that youths so often face, even on a daily basis

  • How to navigate away from dangerous blunders in life, such as gambling and drugs

  • How to handle the tricky social situation of peer pressure and come up on top empathically

  • Unlock the secret of lifelong accomplishment  by lighting up a relentless passion for learning, from an early age
  • Exclusive fact-based, scientific, educational content to help teens as they grow

  • Effortless mental training for youth in a fun, positive way to easily keep them engaged

  • step-by-step guidance to remarkably enhance their life skills.

  • Critical foundation level at an early age to ensure they avoid so many of the common pitfalls at this tricky phase in their life…

  • Improve your concentration & performance 

How can Zen With Ren training help you?


Let’s face it - the biggest challenge school leaders and parents face - is to keep their kids engaged when communicating life-changing information with them. This training takes the extra steps to ensure your kids stay engaged while absorbing real-life information that changes youths’ lives for the better.


Let’s face it: youths generally despise taking mental training from a grown up. Which is why we’ve come up with a fresh angle.

This is the first mental training science course which has been created by youth, for youth.

Your kids will be picking up science-based, life-changing lessons from someone who actually resonates with them perfectly.


Zen With Ren will provide teens with top-notch mental training science which will help them make the right decisions as they journey through adolescence into adulthood.

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"ZWR help me realize that opening multiple businesses is what I dream about. It's way more secure than college alone."

Aimee Right

"Ren's videos gave me the courage to chase my goal of becoming a Tennis Pro. I love every moment of it."

Jamie Sonet

"I am able to handle my doubts better.Zen with Ren helps me through various state of minds I go through as a teen."

How to handle nerves under pressure?

Kickstart your journey towards impossible.